Day 23

Chamberlin Ice Cream Building

Whatever happened to the Chamberlin Ice Cream Company? A quick Google brings up very little information. If anyone knows about the company, please enlighten me. 

 To the person who made a left turn into traffic, causing me to slam on my breaks this morning: I know you have an “In God We Trust” license plate, but you also have to take responsibility for your driving. OK, I feel another rant or two coming on.
Carrying on with a religious connected theme, what is with (William) Franklin Graham (III)? I have never been a follower of his father Billy, but at least he morphed into a serious religious leader. His son appears to be cut more from the Pat Robertson cloth, with barely concealed intolerance for people of other faiths, or political persuasion. This morning on Morning Joe he was asked if he thought President Obama was a christian. His response was that it was a question better suited to asking the President himself, that he (Graham) could know for sure. When asked the same question about Rick Santorum, his response was an immediate yes, not that they should ask Mr. Santorum. He went on to say that despite his past lifestyle and conversion to Catholicism, Newt Gingrich was also a christian. Reverend Graham did not see, or perhaps refused to acknowledge, the double standard he espoused.
 Next on my list of things to get off my chest is a pet peeve that shows just how old-fashioned I am. I grit my teeth and stay silent when I observe men wearing a hat, or more likely a baseball cap, indoors. I will admit that I leave my cap on when I’m in a retail store, but due to the way I was raised, I remove it when entering a home, a restaurant, the library, a funeral home, and a church. Yes, I’ve seen men wear their ball cap in church. If I were Jewish I would wear head covering in synagogue, but I’m not Jewish. I understand that my actions go against the tide, especially in Indiana, but doesn’t it seem respectful to remove your head covering in someone’s home?
Well, that’s out of my system for a while.