Day 20

In the shadow of Tate & Lyle.

I have to admit I was trying to get a morning shot of the Tate & Lyle South Plant. Getting the County Extension Office’s Master Garden plot in the foreground was a plus. I’m already planning on doing this shot again in the summer. Chances are good I’ll also be taking more pictures of Tate & Lyle from different angles. Oh, I realize this photo at this size looks a bit muddy. I hope you know that if you left click on the photo you can see a lrger, clearer version of it.

Due to the problems with AT&T, I missed two calls the other day, one each from my mother and sister. If you didn’t know, my mother lives with my sister. When I returned my mother’s call I tried to explain that we were having troubles with the telephone system, that work was being done on the towers. I should have known better. First, my mother doesn’t really understand or care about the concept of telephone towers, and second, even with hearing aids she only hears about a third of what you say on the telephone. Still, she ends most conversation points with, “I see.” She doesn’t see (or hear, actually).

Today I was sitting at the computer, cataloguing comic books in my collection, listening to Dave Mason, deciding on what to blog about, when my sister, Sharon, called. I was not in the same room as my phone and I missed the call.

Her voicemail said that mom hadn’t understood what I told her yesterday, and would I please call her. So I immediately called my mom’s number because Sharon usually has her telephone turned off. Mom answered and I said that Sharon had asked me to call. Mom said she knew, but rather than put my sister on the phone, she asked what I had said the other day. Like a fool, I tried explaining it again. Then, from out of nowhere, she said Ron (my brother-in-law) was throwing things because he didn’t want Sharon to try to help mom understand. What? Then she said, “Did the moles cause the problems with your bulbs?” What? I asked mom if I could please speak with Sharon. She said that Sharon had just gone to the basement to try to calm Ron down, but she would have her call me when she came back upstairs.

When Sharon called it was obvious that she understood what our telephone problems were, but she wanted to be sure before trying to explain it to mom. She also reassured me that Ron had not thrown anything, he had merely dropped a jar he was taking from the refrigerator and that mom had jumped to conclusions. Lastly she said that she was glad moles weren’t eating our bulbs. I knew that nothing I had said to mom remotely sounded like moles, but I let that go. Families are special.