Day 19

Tracks to where?

You probably think that I’ve been listening to hobo songs this morning, but I haven’t. Actually, I was listening to Stephen Stills’ Illegal Stills. It is my favorite album he recorded outside of the Crosby, Stills & Nash albums. But you didn’t come here to read my musings on music…or maybe you did.

I finished reading a book on my Kindle a few days ago. It is titled Plague of Coins (The Judas Chronicles, Book 1)written by Alden James. Let me advise you to not bother with this book. When I read the blurb for it I thought it sounded like an interesting concept. In the proposed series of books the protagonist is Judas Iscariot, living under an assumed name, and he is immortal until he can recover the original thirty pieces of silver he was paid for betraying Jesus. Those facts are stated in the book, but the author never went on to explain why Judas had to find them, how they were lost, why he is being given this opportunity, and many other things that might occur to you and me. Also, the author has thrown in things like Judas works part-time for the CIA, he has a wife with Alzheimer’s, he has a son who is a college professor and who passes as Judas’ father. This first book has Judas and his son travelling to the mideast in search of a coin, meanwhile taking on a mission for the CIA, locating the Garden of Eden, interacting with the three wise men and an angel, and fighting villains that James Bond would find familiar. It was a waste of time.

Yesterday evening I went to one of my bookcases and pulled out the dictionary I used in college. It is the college edition of Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language, published in 1962. I love keeping it around both for the memories and because it contains words that have been dropped from more recent dictionaries. It probably speaks to my pack rattiness that I don’t want to lose words any more than I want to lose treasured, or not-so-treasured possessions. It’s hard to let go.

Speaking of which, every day when I take a photo, or set of photos, for this blog, I bring the camera to the PC and download the images, leaving the originals on the camera. Then I upload my selection to this blog and sometimes others to Facebook and/or Flickr. So most of the images are stored in at least two places. Why, then, do I have a hard time deleting the images from my camera’s storage card? I should trust that I won’t be losing the images completely, but taking that final step to delete is difficult for me. But today, I shall format the storage card in the camera and remove the images completely…or maybe I’ll do it tomorrow.