Day 18

I love graveyards.

I prefer the term graveyard over cemetery. I think it is more descriptive. The gravestone is a historical link, no matter what lies below it.

Over the years I’ve taken many photos of graveyards, most in Indiana but some from other states. I have also taken a number of photos of wooden barns. Many are in disrepair or falling down, but some are kept up and are still being used. I think I’ll start scanning old photos in and posting them in Facebook and/or Flickr. Any new photos will also go there.

I’ve ben having problems with my smart phone for the past two days, mainly in the evening and at night. I am unable to text, send email, get updates in Twitter and Facebook, look up things on Google, or make telephone calls. In addition, I’ll get an audible notice of an incoming email, but there is nothing there when I check. Today I went to the AT&T store where we bought the smart phone and asked if they were having problems with the network, and I explained the problems I was having. The fellow I spoke with said that there were no problems with the network, but that they were performing maintenance and upgrading towers to handle 4G. He said they were trying to schedule the work during non-peak hours (really!), but in the next breath he told me businesses were complaining about dropped calls and such.  He told me that the company wanted him to tell people who the work should be done by the end of the year, but off the record it should be done by the end of summer , and he really thought it would be done by the end of spring. So he went from 10 1/2 months to 4 months in the space of two sentences. maybe I’m being unreasonable, but I think 4 months is way too long to wait for relief from bad service, and that was his best estimate. 

On the bright side, it feels like spring is in the air. Maybe it is.