Day 17

My first home in Lafayette.

Bottom  floor, corner apartment. I moved into that apartment with the help of Bob Cornell and my parents. Bob hurt his back thar day if my memory is correct. I also remember having the wind knocked out of me while moving my small sofa into the apartment.

 My mattress and box springs were so old I left them in Auburn. I set up the bed frame and slept on the floor, within the frame, for about a week and a half until I bought a new mattress and spring set. I was strange. I was also young enough that sleeping on the floor didn’t cause aches. Heck, I sometimes get aches sleeping on a mattress now.
I liked that place. It was a two bedroom apartment, and I used the second bedroom as a library/music room. Since it was about halfway below ground level, I could sit in that room, listen to music, and watch all of the young women soaking up the sun in the summertime. I became a dirty old man early in life. I recall that there were two Purdue coeds in the apartment next to mine. They must have taken their studies seriously because I seldom saw or heard them except that they would throw one party each semester. Then they and their friends were quite loud. I could live with that since they never complained about me playing my music too loud.
Jumping back to yesterday’s post, I failed to say a couple other things about Tom Paxton’s music. I had heard his songs long before I bought my first album by him. The Chad Mitchell Trio had been recording his music for a number of years, and they were my favorite group. While he is well-known for his topical songs, I must admit that I like his love songs more. They are very touching. That’s all I wanted to add.