Day 16

You don’t often get a view from the back of the houses.

I saw these houses when I was leaving the library parking lot this morning. The view caught my fancy, so I stopped and took this photo. Just about any view that includes trees and a hill will catch my fancy.

 I’m the loner in my immediate family. Cindy and the kids like the beach, but I’m a mountain kind of guy. I will settle for a raised point of view. For instance, I like the Illinois bluffs that overlook the Mississippi river. Look down or look up; looking straight ahead can be boring.
This is a good morning for listening to folk music. Today it has been Peter, Paul & Mary, Tom Paxton, and The Weavers. I was listening to the PP&M album Album, which is an underrated album, I believe. It was one of their first that expanded the sound beyond the acoustic guitars and bass backup they had used in the past. Also, the song selections were excellent.
The Weavers album I listened to was Reunion at Carnegie Hall – 1963, Part 1.If I could only have one Weavers’ album, this is the one I would choose. It begins with a rousing version of When The Saints Go Marching In and ends with ‘Round The World, with more wonderful songs in between, including my favorite version of Leadbelly’s Goodnight Irene. I believe this reunion concert took place the same year as Pete Seeger’s solo concert to help bring awareness to the civil rights movement.
The Tom Paxton album was The Best of Tom Paxton. The songs are his great early songs that range from Ramblin’ Boy, The Last Thing On My Mind, Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation, and Leaving London to name a few. I bought his vinyl album Ramblin’ Boy and became a life long fan. Cindy and I attended a Labor Day concert outside Valparaiso, IN some years ago and Tom Paxton was one of the performers; she became a fan that day. Together we had also attended two Peter, Paul & Mary concerts before Mary passed away.
Great musical memories.