Day 15

Brunch is ready, but nobody is hungry.

There isn’t even a squirrel interested in the seed today. I wonder if it is that black cat that has been frequenting the back yard. Darned cats, anyhow!

The mention of squirrels reminds me of when I lived in Auburn. I rented the upstairs of an old house. My living room window looked out over the porch roof. The view in winter was an insurance company across the street, but in the summer I would get a green filtered sun in the morning. I used to love sitting in the room in the morning before going to work, drinking coffee, listening to music, and watching the squirrels in the trees. They would chase each other through the trees endlessly, or so it seemed. One year around Christmas I had put up a small artificial Christmas tree in front if the window. I happened to look out the window and saw a squirrel staring at the tree as if it wanted to come in. I can only imagine the destruction that would have occurred if the squirrel had gotten into the room.
My friend Mary doesn’t like squirrels, calling them rats with bushy tails. They are closely related (squirrels and rats, not Mary and squirrels), but squirrels can be fun to watch, while I’ve never gotten any particular pleasure watching rats. Mary doesn’t like the Great American Songbook either. However, she does like professional wrestling and “reality” TV. People say we are a lot alike, but I’m not so sure.
 Writing about watching the squirrels in the trees also reminds me of another time in Auburn. It was a rainy autumn day and I was in bed, half awake, when I thought I saw something moving in the tree outside my window. Of course the tree was outside my window, I didn’t live in a tree house. This window faced a different tree on a different street. When I saw movement again I focussed and realized that I was looking at a raccoon in the tree. It surprised me because I lived only a couple blocks from the center of town. Who knows what I might have seen if I spent more time peering from my windows.