Day 14


Getting a photo for today was not easy. I took four others that I wanted to use, but they all turned out too blurry. Like I told a friend, it was not an artistic kind of blur, just a “make it incomprehensible” blur. Anyway, here we have Maely watching cartoons while Grandma Cindy tells me about our granddaughter’s business plan for selling her artwork, on the street, in twenty degree weather, at $1/picture. Business was not brisk; no sales were made. Maely had a story that I honestly couldn’t follow, about a feisty girl, not herself, who came by with a parent. I thought it was funny that she described another girl as feisty, and that she knew what the word meant.

Trina, JR and Mason came by after church to have dinner with us. We celebrated JR’s birthday. A good time was had by all.

Cindy made chopsuey, more or less from my mother’s recipe, because Trina and Macey like it so much. Cindy then reminisced about how she didn’t like it the first time she ate it. My mother made it the first time they met each other. Trina thinks it was because Cindy was nervous about meeting my mother. Perhaps, but Cindy didn’t like the first dish I cooked for us. I made a hamburger casserole (I wasn’t as daring in the kitchen then) and Cindy said it was too bland. Today she loves it, or she lies to make me feel good. But I think she is telling the truth since she occasionally asks me to cook it.

 The house is peaceful again. The Gaskins have gone home. It was fun having them here, but a quiet Sunday afternoon is always welcome. Tomorrow will be soon enough to worry about the broken garage door opener. Oh, and I think I’ll make a hamburger casserole for dinner Tuesday. The recipe is available upon request.