Day 12

They are still wearing their Christmas garb.

I suppose I could talk about the weather. As you can see, it snowed briefly this morning. Right now it is teetering between freezing and thawing. I wish it would do one or the other.

Considering the weather, I am listening to inappropriate music, mariachi. I have enjoyed listening to music from Mexico for a long time. I would probably enjoy it even more if I understood the lyrics. Mostly forgotten high school Spanish doesn’t help much. I should have paid more attention in class, but I was in the middle of my rebellious stage. Looking back, I’m not sure how I graduated and made it into college.
College changed my life. I went from being a small town hick to being a small town pseudo-intellectual. I picked up some social skills and got over some of my shyness around girls. It didn’t happen over night, but after four years I approached being where many of my friends were at the time they graduated from high school. I was a late bloomer. The good thing is that I haven’t stopped learning. I may have slowed down, but I haven’t stopped. When I stop I’ll become bored with life. I enjoy life too much to want that to happen.
Another big change in my life, for the better, was going into the army. It wasn’t as if I wanted to be a soldier during the Viet Nam era, but my friends at the local draft board thought it would be good. Heck, they turned out to be right. They had the wrong reason, but I don’t hold that against them…now. The best thing I learned in the army was to not let little things bother me. I used to get tension headaches in college, but by the time I finished basic training those days were behind me. I don’t believe I’ve had a tension headache since then.
If that were all I had learned, it would have been worth the one year, eleven months, and twenty-five days I was on active duty. But that wasn’t the only thing I learned. I also became more self-reliant. And I gained an appreciation for foreign beers. Over all, it was good for me.