Day 11

At the confluence of the north and south branches of Wildcat Creek

I took this in Wildcat Park this morning. It was still pretty cold; in fact the puddles in the parking lot were still frozen. The sky was overcast, and yet it was still a good morning to be out. It was a lot better than working in an overheated office. I don’t miss those days…ever.

Let me tell you about retirement. It is wonderful! My goal is to live a long time and enjoy every day of retirement. My dad had thirty good years after he retired. My mom is almost at thirty years. May I do as well. May Cindy also do as well. She deserves it.
Most of my days are spent working on one hobby or another. Some days I work on my stamp collection. Some days I spend cataloging my comic book collection. Many days I spend reading and listening to music. As I write this I’m also listening to Mahler’s 5th symphony. Earlier today I listened to some folk music and some jazz. I have an eclectic taste in music.
Part of each day now is spent finding something to take a photo of and writing whatever comes to mind. That’s easier to do some days more than others. Finding something worthy of a photo, by my standards, is easier than finding something to write about. As you can probably tell, I’m struggling today.
The act of writing is important for me. It is probably more important than taking and chosing the best picture. The writing forces me to stop, think, and then translate my thoughts into something legible to other people. That is important because it means I need to communicate rather than just sit and think my insular thoughts. The fact that people seldom look the blog doesn’t matter, because some days people do read it. I have to believe that every day will be one of those days. Who knows, maybe today.