Day 10

Sometimes a little snow is just as pretty as a blizzard.

I have friends who live in warmer climates and love being able to wear shorts all year, but I have to tell you that I would miss the winter. I would especially miss it when I thought about a pretty morning like today. Last week it felt like it was almost time to open the pool, but today reminds me that there may be plenty of cold weather ahead of us.

While I was out getting this photo this morning I was listening to a Duke Pearson cd. It is a cd I made from a couple of vinyl albums that I bought in the seventies. The USB turntable that Cindy gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago is still one of my favorite presents. I still have around seventy-five albums to convert to MP3 format. It is a fun process, unless the vinyl is badly scratched. Then it is a matter of trying to salvage as much music as possible. I wish I had a way to convert the music from my reel-to-reel tapes as well. Maybe someday, and if the tapes are still playable. That is a big if.

I’ve made two decisions concerning me and Twitter. 1) I’m not going to log in as often as I have been. The last few days I’ve found myself getting upset over some of the Tweets some twits have been making. I don’t need to get upset over things I can’t change. 2) I have to cut back on the number of people I’m following. When I signed in this morning I found that I had missed over 250 Tweets since the previous day. I know that part of that large number is due to the political commentators and news agencies I have been following. It is time to cut back. I’ll start by un-following Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe and Mike Allen of Politico. We’ll see.