Day 6

Am I brave enough to wear this in public, In Lafayette, on the day of an IU/Purdue basketball game?

I’m trying to decide if I should wear this in public today. Let’s face it, wearing IU garb in the middle of Boilermaker country on a day when IU is coming to town to play against the Purdue men’s basketball team…it would draw stares, to say the least. It occasionally draws comments on other days of the year.

The only time I’ve really gotten nasty comments to my face was a few years ago shortly before Halloween. I was working at the local Factory Card & Party Outlet store and we were all supposed to wear costumes. One day I decided to wear everything IU, so I put on an IU T-shirt, covered it with an IU denim shirt, added an IU necktie and topped it with an IU baseball cap. Unfortunately the insignia on my IU socks was hidden by my jeans. One elderly gentleman took offense to my garb and proceeded to tell me about it in no uncertain terms. Wearing that garbage in Purdue territory…Really! I responded by telling him that the store owners wanted us to wear something that would scare the local populace. He walked off in a huff. I was pleased. 

 The weather is better suited for football than basketball today. It is rainy, cloudy and chilly outside. I decided to skip the morning walk I had planned. That’s the reason I used an indoor photo rather than one taken outside. I also used my cell phone camera rather than my Nikon. I have only used the Nikon sporadically over the past year, and somewhere along the line I’ve messed up the settings. Nowadays when I try to take a photo the view screen is filled with icons, some flashing red, and I have no idea what they mean. I need to dig out the owner’s manual and figure out how to simplify the process. Also, the four times I tried to use the Nikon this morning, the shots turned out so blurry I couldn’t use them. With the cell camera all I had to do was run the shot through Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 to adjust the color.