Day 4

Waiting for the trash man. Doesn’t that sound like a book title?

It’s Thursday morning, so it must be trash day.

Taking a photo and posting it is a lot easier for me than finding something to write about each day. I find that I look forward to going out with my camera or cell phone to take a picture. There are so many opportunities to take pictures; and while others may find them boring, I think they each tell a story…to me anyway.

As to written content, for the time being I’ll stick to writing whatever comes to the forefront of my head each day. That means I might write about what is happening, stories from my past, or even speculation on the future.


I was really disappointed in IU’s loss to Michigan last night. After the first five minutes and up until the last minute and a half I believed they had a good chance to take the lead and win the game. Despite the loss I’m happy with the team because they are playing better than I thought they would at the beginning of the season. Tom Crean is the best coach they have had in quite some time.


One last admission, I am becoming addicted to Twitter. It isn’t that I have a lot to say in a few words, but I really enjoy reading what others have posted. I tried Twitter a few years ago, shortly after it became available, but I didn’t see the point then. Now it has grown so much, and so many people are using it, there is a lot of fun and information to be had.